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New version of the Rapid SUP board

The new Aqua Marina collection for 2022 will include a new version of the Rapid. It is a model dedicated for use on rushing rivers and surfing on waves. The strong construction makes the model work well both in the mountains and at the seaside. SUP or Stand-Up Paddleboarding, is theoretically a pretty good sport for everyone. Theoretically, because it looks really easy in practice, it activates almost all muscle groups, and the river rafting is even more engaging. Now, a bit of practice is required if you don't want to fall into the water quickly :)

Deska Aqua Marina Rapid 2022

Certainly, the Rapid board will satisfy all those who expect a little more than a quiet drifting on the lakes. It will allow you to get a little more of an adrenaline rush, thanks to its versatility in wild conditions;) The large volume of the board combined with the compact width ensures great stability for the user. The Rapid board is equipped with the ARCH EDGE system which allows users to concentrate on the rowing without looking down and prevents the feet from skidding when shifting the center of gravity towards the stern of the board.

The board is made in the Double Layer technology, thanks to which it is light, which is important in transport, and at the same time it does not lose on its stiffness.


Premium construction used in specialized line.
25 – 30% increase in stiffness.  
  1. Double Wall Fabric drop stitch core   

2. First tarpaulin layer   

3. Second light and printed tarpaulin layer   

4.First PVC rail layer   

5. Second PVC rail layer   

6. Extra rail-band reinforcement   

7. Machine-pressed EVA footpad

Set includes  a Double Action V1 hand pump, a ZIP XL backpack, 4 fins, a river fin and a river leash, so apart from the paddle, we get everything we need to start swimming. With this type of SUP - specialty series - the manufacturer deliberately does not include a paddle leaving the choice of a paddle to the user

Akcesoria do deski Rapid 2022

A video of the Rapid SUP test:

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