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How to care for your SUP

- The SUP board is best stored when not in use in a cool, dry place.
- If you leave the rolled up board outside, do it in a dedicated backpack / storage bag or cover it with a tarpaulin if the SUP is inflated to protect it from long-term exposure to the elements.
- Do not store the board exposed to direct sunlight, as long-term exposure to UV radiation affects the durability of the material.
- Take care of the material from which it is made.
- Use only mild cleaning agents to clean the board.
- You can remove most of the stains with warm, soapy water.
- Make sure the board is completely dry before storing it in your backpack.
- You can dry the SUP from excess moisture with a towel or other piece of cloth before rolling it into a backpack. This will prevent the formation of mold when the SUP board is not used.
Inflating the board
- Remember not to pump the board more than the maximum allowed pressure (usually 15psi)
- Use a pump with a pressure gauge for this.
- Another easy way to check the pressure is to press down on the board with your finger - at the correct level it should respond firmly and springy.
ATTENTION! Do not leave a highly inflated board in the sun. If left in a hot place, deflate some air, the heat will increase the pressure inside the board.
Moving the board
Although inflatable SUPs are made of very strong materials that can withstand a lot, try not to drag them on sandy or rocky ground to and from the water. Each Aqua Marina SUP board is equipped with a convenient carrying handle.
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